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Our newest product, Gr8 Gamz, Great Games of Faith and Fun for Travelers, offers hours of engaging, inspirational activities while on the road. Car rides will never be the same again!

Play multiple games simultaniously, keeping track of your fun with the wipe-off pen included with the book.

With inspirational twists on some classic games as well as loads of new activities, Gr8 Gamz is sure to keep the entire car entertained for hours.








a • ga’• pé (n.) Greek origin. 1) the love of God. 2) unselfish love. 3) love for one another as Christ commands us to do. 4) spiritual love. 5) ultimate love.

Agape Latte™ presents more than
55 Bible verses on the topic of love. Enjoy "a cup" at the start of your day, and you'll benefit from a good boost of God's Word in the morning!

Agape Latte™ makes a perfect gift for the people in your life. Share with them this unique "invigorating cup of love".

Live a life of love!












Signs of Faith™ is great for family vacations, sales people on the road, truck drivers, daily commuters, and just about anyone who finds themselves driving around town.

With road signs becoming triggers to related Bible verses, you'll soon discover how your travel time gets easier as thoughts of God enter your mind.

Let's turn road rage into road praise













Inspirational Car Clings offer a unique way of being reminded of God while on the road.

Just peel them off the sheet and apply them to interior of your car's window(s).



















Bible verses are creatively integrated into the road signs, providing a fun way to learn God's word.

Kids can learn them while riding in the back seat.

Drivers can place one in the lower-left corner of the windshield (like a park sticker) to help memorize one each week. (Just be sure to only look at it while stopped. Drive safe and go with God!)











Included are 2 special travel prayers - one for the passenger (shown in the photo) and one for the driver.

Recite these prayers each time you start the car.

The prayer of a believer is powerful and effective.











Signs of Faith™ magnets are great reminders of these Bible verses.

Schools and churches can use them as handouts in their children's ministries.

Great gifts for:

  • Vacation Bible School
  • Classroom Handouts
  • People needing God's word.

Have fun sharing these with family and friends.

Traveling Word Products

Below you'll find our current offerings. Be sure to scroll down through the entire page.

We continue to create new inspirational gift items, so check back for more unique products in the near future...


Gr8 Gamz™ - Great Games of Faith and Fun for Travelers
A Wipe-off Pen Activity Book

Family- Friendly Road Trip Fun! With over 40 pages of colorful activities, you'll enjoy hours of entertainment while on the road. These engaging games offer something for ages 3-103, encouraging passenger interaction while traveling.

It includes a wipe-off pen complete with storage clip and eraser cap!

Gr8 Gamz Book Cover

Each page set has a wipe-off pen surface, so you can play the games right in the book. When done, simply wipe your markings off and then play again!

Gr8 Gamz Book Cover

Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts

Re-use these pages over and over for continuous road-trip fun.

ISBN-10: 0-9793-7512-6ISBN-13: 978-0-9793-7512-5




Agape Latte™ - An Invigorating Cup of Love
An On-The-Go Devotional Agape Latte in Car Cup Holder

Shaped like a large cup of coffee, this patented design booklet conveniently fits in the cup holder of a car or jump-starts your day at the breakfast table.

The real appeal, though, is what’s written inside: an on-the-go devotional. Flip to any page to ponder about another aspect of love, enjoy God’s word, and be challenged to live a life of love.

Agape Latte™ CoverAgape Latte™ Inside Pages

These 62 pages are printed on sturdy laminated cover stock. Since it's wire-bound, you can flip these over and over and over again so the messages become an integral part of your daily routine.

We've been honored with a US Design Patent (D591,342) for our cup-holder shaped book.

ISBN-10: 0-9793-7511-8 ISBN-13: 978-0-9793-7511-8

Agape Latte™ Inside Pages



Signs of Faith™ - Roadside Reminders of God's Word
An In-Your-Car Devotional

Get ready for faith-infused trips with this great devotional for the traveler.

   Signs of Faith™ Cover

By associating road signs with scripture passages, reflective thoughts, and prayers, Signs of Faith™ helps you to focus on the Lord in daily commuting, vacations, running errands, and all other times of travel.

Printed on sturdy laminated cover stock and wire-bound, you can flip these over and over and over again so the messages become an integral part of your travels.  Experience a growing of your faith as road signs trigger thoughts of God. 

Signs of Faith™ Inside PageSigns of Faith™ Inside Page

Keep it handy in your vehicle: perhaps in a map pocket, on the console between the seats, or in a side door compartment.

We want to encourage you to pick one up today from your local Christian bookstore.  If you do not have a bookstore in your area you may order now
from our online store.  

ISBN-10: 0-9793-7510-X ISBN-13: 978-0-9793-7510-1

Also . . .

Powerpoint Slide Powerpoint Slide Signs of Faith™ Study Guide

Powerpoint Slide Powerpoint Slide

Bible Study Groups:  Click here to request a discussion guide to
accompany Signs of Faith™

Sermon Outline:  Click here to request a sermon outline entitled
"Turning Road Rage into Road Praise"
It's centered around the themes in Signs of Faith™.  Comes with color
PowerPoint presentation slides for use with projectors.




Inspirational Car Clings
16 Static Vinyl Clings to Inspire

Have fun and be inspired with this sheet of 16 Inspirational Window Clings.

  • 10 Bible Memory Road Signs (based on Signs of Faith™ booklet)
  • Cross Cling for your review mirror
  • Prayer Cling for the driver
  • Prayer Cling for passengers
  • Fun "Shattered Glass" inspirational message
  • Cross Road - great for the car!
  • Christian Fish symbol for your rear-window.

Inspirational Car Clings
Actual Sheet Size is 11.25" X 14.75"

Easy to use:

  • Pre-cut ... just peel 'em and stick 'em
  • No glue ... vinyl material "clings" to most non-porous surfaces
  • Use, re-use, re-position, and share with others

Below is a close-up of two of the clings suggesting how road signs can trigger thoughts of Bible verses (actual height for these two signs: 2.5").

Keep Right Window Cling DoNotTurn Window Cling

What looks white is actually a CLEAR vinyl. When peeled from the white backing, these clings have a cool transparency look when on a window.



They cling to whiteboards and school windows too.
Great for Vacation Bible Schools to help teach Bible verses in a fun way.

Works on Whiteboards




Signs of Faith™ - Magnet Series
3.5" X 2" stylized vinyl magnets with a message.

These magnets offer a Bible verse and message along with the road sign image to trigger thoughts of God's Word.  These business-card sized vinyl magnets are great to slip into a greeting card as a little gift to send a message of faith and encouragement to those you love. 

Signs of Faith - Magnet YIELDSigns of Faith - Magnet KEEP RIGHTSigns of Faith - Magnet REST AREA
Signs of Faith - Magnet STOP SIGN
Signs of Faith - Magnet CROSSWALKSigns of Faith - Magnet ONEWAY

Signs of Faith - Magnet on Coffee Maker


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