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I purchased Agape Latte at a Christian Bookstore here in town.  I LOVED IT and decided to order it for all the high school graduates at my church. Thanks :) - Nicole K

I am a home health nurse and I have never seen anything like Signs of Faith! Every day, usually before I get started, I close my eyes, flip to a page and read, and of course God always makes it apply to whatever I encounter during the day. I absolutley love it!!! I am ordering 4-5 more for my fellow home health nurses so they can start their day off right too. Thank you for making such a wonderful way to have a little alone time with God and to be able to share them and witness to our friends.- April S.

I just recently purchased Signs of Faith and have found it to be very interesting. I feel that God has lead me to finding this book for a reason, it will help to strengthen my walk with Him. May God richly bless you and the company as you continue to do His will. - Grace T.

I truly love Signs of Faith.  In fact, I am using it as the theme for our ladies retreat this year.  Everyone who attends will receive a copy.  What a great way to remember God and apply God's word to today. - Stephanie G.

Thank you so much for your Signs of Faith and Inspirational Cling products! Their use at our Day Camp was wonderful! The kids had a great time and learned a lot. The window clings were a hit...everyone loved them and wanted some. Thank you again and God Bless. - Jodona B.

I was in our local book store in NC and just happen to see Signs of Faith on the shelf. I bought several, gave them away and went back to buy more. - V.J.

My husband and I are both in seminary. This book is really keeping me focused on Jesus while I am driving. Thank you and God Bless You - Lorie H.

I had heard Signs of Faith advertised on our local Christian radio station in Maryland. I later found it at a local LifeWay Christian store and bought to give as a Christmas gift. My children enjoy picking a sign for the day and watching for it as we travel about on errands, etc. God bless you! - the S. Family

The Signs of Faith is really a great little book.  I've read through it three or four times and read a portion of it each morning while doing my Bible reading.  It adds an extra boost going to and from work each day and I've noticed a couple of different signs to think about. - Duane Z.

I discovered your Agape Latte in a Christian bookstore in Fort Myers when I was looking for something special to bring back to my very small Bible study group in NY.  Once I got home I gave these to my dear friends. Thanks. - Heather G.

I purchased your Signs of Faith about a year ago. I loved the book and I am excited about using it as a part of our VBS. - Teresa M.

I am a first year principal at a small Christian School in Washington and have 13 teachers in elementary and middle school that I will be serving and want to use [your book] as a school theme. It is wonderful!! - Robert A




I am preparing a sermon series using your book. - David S., Pastor

Thanks for the inspiration from your book. In our ministry, in RV Resorts, we have a Bible study and would like to use your material for our Chaplains and Pastors. I am planning on doing a series over an 8 week time frame. By the way, I really like your logo – GOOD JOB! - Chaplain Bob

I was at our local Christian bookstore getting a card. As I was checking out I noticed your Signs of Faith devotional. I am doing a women's conference (our 14th one) and one of my teachings is on the signs that God has given us to help us make "Courageous Choices". I would love a copy of all of your support materials for the SIGNS OF FAITH devotional. Many Thanks. - Allyson T.

I was recently in a LifeWay store and bought Signs of Faith and am very interested in using it as a sermon. I think this message would really impact the congregation! - Val D., Senior Pastor

We are interested in your book as a fund raiser for our church's mission trip to Ethiopia. - William S.

Your Signs of Faith book is wonderful!  Thank you for this resource! - Laurie S, Children and Family Minister

Thank you very much for the discussion guide!! My husband and I are going on a road trip, so this will provide great discussion and time thinking about God's presence in our lives. I just happened to see the Signs of Faith booklet while I was in Northwestern Bible & Book store. I look forward to seeing what other products/tools your company comes up with! - Danielle I.

I just purchased several of the "Signs of Faith " books for my Sunday School Class. I am going to do a 3-4 week series teaching this with the actual signs. I was fortunate to run across your material. Thank you for the blessing of this book. - Darlene T.

Signs of Faith is amazing and the product totally rocks! - Sean G

I LOVE your signs booklet for driving! I bought a few of them this past weekend and think they are so creatively done.  I work in outside sales and have several friends that will find the associations helpful for their everyday adventures on the road and I am looking forward to giving them to them as a gift.- Christa A.

I am so excited with your road sign book that I purchased in Gatlingburg, TN. I would love to have the discussion guides. Thanks. - Eilene D.

Signs of Faith offers us a perfect discussion guide for our Quest group on Super Bowl Sunday.  It doesn't seem too long and has all of the scripture references in it. Thanks!!! - Andy S.

I recently purchased Signs of Faith, and I look forward to sharing it with my junior high students. - Laurie B., Jr. High Coordinator

I purchased your road book from LifeWay, and I love it!- Nicole C.

I found your little book at a thrift store and I think it is amazing. I will share it with my friends. - Vera B.

I think Signs of Faith will be a great series for our camp ground ministry. Thank you. - Bill V.




Hi, one of my elders gave me a copy of Signs of Faith yesterday. I'd like to invite the congregation to use this perspective on summer travels. Thanks. - Pastor Doug

Our daughter who graduated this weekend got one of the Signs of Faith as a gift.  We love it and so did others.  We still have a few more gifts to give out and want to give these away. Thanks! - Rita M.

I was on a trip to Memphis, TN. almost a year ago and God brought my attention to the road signs that my wife and I were passing. I somehow lost everything that I had written down and I just knew God would bring this information back to my remembrance. Well, I was in LifeWay Christian Bookstore and I found the Signs of Faith book. God will place things in our path at just the right time! May God bless you always. - Brother John P.

I would like to use your devotional for our summer Sunday School, ordering books for everyone. Thank You! - Patrice T.

Our Sunday School Teacher picked up the guide in a local christian book store.
We had our 1st lesson yesterday & the congregation received it with
open arms and my children are more aware of our awesome God as well! Thank you & blessings to you. - Deb M.

I have recently bought these for my Sunday School. We teach high school seniors. Thank you. - Peggy G.

We heard about you thru the museum that we visited this last weekend.  I think Signs of Faith is neat and I knew I wanted to check out the rest of your stuff.  Thank you for all you do. - Shellie A.

I saw your Agape Latte book at the bookstore at a camp in New York last week. It is going to be a welcome gift for a family friend who is moving to our area soon. Anyway, thank you for the great products! - Andrea S.

I am a teacher at a Christian School in Michigan. Thanks so much for the use of “Signs of Faith” in my classroom. - Traci A.

We loved your book Signs of Faith. I have purchased about 10 copies and given them to friends at work. We have a highway construction business and roadway is our life. Also using your book to center our vacation bible school - Veronica J.

Your new product looks like a winner. - Bill S.

I am the director at a Christian family retreat center in southwestern Colorado. I ran across one of your flip books which is very well done. Thank You. - Matt M.

I saw your Agape Latte devotional at a coffee shop in Kansas when I spoke for Christian Women's Clubs there. I'm giving one as a gift to our local coffee shop. - Caroline C.

I am a youth minister and would love to have the discussion guides that accompany the "Signs of Faith" book that I recently purchased. Thank you so much! - Debra F.

I am hoping to develop a sermon series around Signs of Faith. Thanks. - Tim H., Pastor




Thanks a bunch for Signs of Faith. - Janet C.

I am a teacher at Temple Christian School, my wife and I have taught here for 25 years, and we would love to use the Signs of Faith in our weekly chapel service for grades 4th - 6th. We bought the book at a dinner play on Daniel of Bible fame last night. The book was a wonderful idea and we enjoyed it. - William M.

I purchased the book today at LifeWay Christian Bookstore in Florida. Thank you very much for Signs of Faith. - Carol O.

I bought the book at a Christian Book Store and showed it to our minister and he is interested in doing a Sermon.  I'm also very interested in the book because I teach a 6th grade religion class. Thank you. - Olga B.

I am Chairman of the Deacons at our Church and this one would be a great series for the weekly Bible Study. I would like to receive the sermon outline for use at one of our upcoming Mens' Meetings. I also saw Agape Latte and that has great potential. - D. Zimmerman

Hi, I am currently using Signs of Faith with our church youth group. Thanks. - Lisa D.

I purchased your "flip chart" booklet in Norfolk, Nebraska.  I would like to develop a Bible study for my ladies group at church. - Linda G.

I just recently traveled thru New Mexico and purchased your Sings of Faith devotional and was wanting more information about your other materials. - Elizabeth W.

I am about to start a Sunday night sermon series called “Road Trip”. I would like to use Signs of Faith and its sermon outline and small group discussions for this series. - Ronnie H., Senior Pastor

A friend of mine picked up Signs of Faith booklet and I love it! Thank you very much! - Sheri S.

I am going to use Signs of Faith as a sermon on Wed. night. I guess you can say it was a God thing on how I found out about this. My wife and I were at LifeWay book store this past Saturday. I happened to look down on the next to the bottom shelf and the Signs of Faith book stood out among the rest. So, I picked it up and looked through it. My first thought was, " This will be something good for the church." When I got home and began to read it, I discovered more ... So here I am...praise God... Thank you so much for your ministry. Thanks and God Bless... - Joshua B.


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